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Yoruichi Shihōin

She starts out as a cat with a rather male sounding voice and her transformation in a dark beauty is quite a surprise to both "team Ichigo" and the audience. She is not just looks either, she is probably one of the most capable, funny and cool-headed female characters of the series (that I've seen so far). She is a breath of fresh air as a lot of female characters often need rescuing instead of being the ones doing the rescuing.
yoruichi hungry animation
Ulquiorra Cifer

Ulquiorra Cifer

He is the definition of “cool”, or should I say “icy cold”! This guy doesn’t just look cool but he doesn’t seem to have any emotion whatsoever, this makes him both frightening and intriguing. I don’t think I’ve seen this kind of character in Anime before (perhaps in a series I have yet to watch...). Every time he appears in an episode he’s got me sitting at the edge of my seat, waiting for what he might do, if someone will manage to provoke him in some way. He is the kind of character you just want to poke until you get a reaction, good or bad.
Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez

Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez

I'm usually not interested in the testosterone-filled characters but Grimmjow makes this type fun. After learning about Ichigo from Ulquiorra he becomes almost obsessed with fighting him. He even went as far as to kidnap Orihime from Aizen to heal Ichigo so he can fight him properly. The moment he turned into a half-panther really sold it for me, I think he has one of the best looking transformations among the Arrancar.

Favorite episodes (Spoilers)

Episode 41

Yoruichi reveals that she is more than a talking cat when she transforms in front of main character Ichigo. She is very much naked and enjoys Ichigo's obvious embarrassment.
episode 041 01episode 041 02episode 041 03

Episode 47

After fighting his Zanpakutō's avatar (Zangetsu), Ichigo takes a dip in hot-springs with healing properties. Yoruichi decides to join him.
episode 047 01episode 047 02episode 047 03

Episode 54

Ichigo, saves Rukia Kuchiki like a total bad-ass, surprising all the captains and lieutenants present with his power. He then proceeds to throw Rukia towards Renji who just arrived on the scene. With his cape he looks like a RPG fighter character.
episode 054 01episode 054 02episode 054 03

Episode 116

Orihime Inoue opens her heart to Rangiku Matsumoto while Rangiku is taking a bath. Rangiku then comes out of the bathroom naked and comforts Orihime in a very special way.
episode 116 01episode 116 02episode 116 03

Episode 133

This is a wacky filler episode that doesn't advance the plot but is still worth watching. Mizuho Asano gets Ikkaku Madarame to train a group of students for an upcoming kendo tournament. Without even trying Ikkaku makes some of the best funny faces in the series!
episode 133 01episode 133 02episode 133 03

Episode 141

Orihime is told by Ulquiorra that her friends will be killed if she doesn't come to Hueco Mundo on request of Aizen. She is allowed to say goodbye to one person but without them knowing about it. After some soul-searching Orihime chooses to say goodbye to Ichigo and even confesses her love for him!
episode 141 01episode 141 02episode 141 03

Episode 192

I'm not a big fan of child Nel but the grownup form Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck is pretty cool. Ichigo is getting his butt kicked by Nnoitra Gilga when Nel makes her surprising transformation. In this episode she seems to get the best of her old nemesis Nnoitra and celebrates by enthusiastically hugging Ichigo.
episode 192 01episode 192 02episode 192 03

Episode 200

In this episode Szayelaporro Granz finally bites the dust and although I'm happy this arrogant weirdo got killed, I also feel pity for him. He died a horribly slow death... Nemu Kurotsuchi who had expired at the hands of Szayelaporro was resurrected in a rather questionable manner by Captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi. Renji and Uryū were quite embarrassed to witness whatever Captain Mayuri what doing to her off screen.
episode 200 01episode 200 02episode 200 03


Ichigo Kurosaki

At the end of Episode 175 there is a short scene were Ichigo looks ready to kick some assassin butt! The animation looped at least once so it was easy to turn it into an animation.
Ichigo angry animation
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