Dragon Headdress

A few years ago I had made a costume for a Halloween party. I was going to be a dragon priestess. A sexy red dress, lots of (fake)gold jewelry and the dragon on my head. The dragon head was made using paper-mâché, it had glowing red eyes (Ping-Pong balls with lights) and the feather-boa had lights as well. The dragon wasn’t perfect, to tell the truth it didn’t look that great, I was in a bit of a hurry to get it done. Regrettably the Halloween party ended up being cancelled and it ended up on top of a bookcase collecting dust. I’m thinking of fixing it up one of these days so I can mount it on the wall. I’m not sure if I should continue using paper-mâché or if I should try my hand at clay again..
450x350 dragonhead 01 450x350 dragonhead 02
450x350 dragonhead 03 450x350 dragonhead 04
450x350 dragonhead 05 450x350 dragonhead 06
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