Easter banner 2018

Easter Banner 2018

March of 2018 I discovered that Facebook allows you to upload an animated cover/banner and so I decided to create one for Easter, which meant I only had a week to get it done. First I bought half a dozen eggs, emptied them by putting holes in both ends and blowing out the contents. The egg yolk didn’t go to waste as I make myself a lovely omelet :D Once clean and dry I painted the eggs and add a layer of shiny varnish.
Cutting them in half was no easy task as eggshells are very fragile, but I managed with patients and a sharp boxcutter. To strengthen the shells even more, I added a layer of glue on the inside; this was a good thing as I managed to drop the shells quite a few times. The chicks are made of wool with ‘googly’ eyes and foam beaks. The whole setup was placed on a large piece of cardboard which in hindsight wasn’t a good idea. I should have used wood as the cardboard allowed for a lot of movement which you can see in the video. The movement of three eggs/chicks was filmed separately and later blended together in Adobe Premiere. The finished project is far from perfect but it was both fun and educational.

450x350 easter 2018 01 450x350 easter 2018 02
450x350 easter 2018 03 450x350 easter 2018 04
450x350 easter 2018 05 450x350 easter 2018 06
450x350 easter 2018 07 450x350 easter 2018 08
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