Little Clay Pots

Little Clay Pots

My first try so far was a success, although it's far from perfect. The clay pot looks nice but there is a lot wrong with my idea. There is a little plastic jar (one of those little traveling kit jars) inside of the clay pot, but it doesn't allow excess water from draining. It also can't hold a lot of soil, I tried adding slate stones on the sides so I could add more soil but most of that got washed out every time I watered it. It's a good thing apple trees are hardy or it would have died already (it has died).


If you are going to use a plastic jar/pot inside like I did, then it can't be the sort of cray that needs to harden in an oven. Some types of clay require a lot of kneading, some require water to be added and some types of clay have a tendency to crack (especially when applying them around objects). Ask your local hobby store for information on clay types and their requirements. Preferably your plants should have plenty of room for their roots to grow and there should be a hole in the bottom of the pot to allow excess water to drain (I didn't do this myself). The four examples below have some cracks but I don't mind.
450x350 clay pots 04 450x350 clay pots 03

Paint & Varnish

Some types of clay have a nice color and you can leave them as is, I prefer to decorate mine. I've tried different patterns and colors. Your pot will come into contact with water on a regular basis so you might need varnish to make it water resistant. Make sure you completely cover the whole pot.


You will require hardy plants that don't require water often. You could use "Succulent plants" as these are generally very easy to care for and there are many ones to choose from. Trees (apple tree) can survive in small pots, it will stunt their growth keeping them small but their roots can eventually grow over or break the pot (only time will tell). Apple trees when placed outside will lose their leaves in the fall, I'm not sure what will happen to a tree that is kept indoors. Pine trees will stay green even in winter times.
450x350 clay pots 01 450x350 clay pots 02
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