Oddish Plant Pot

Oddish Plant Pot

The Pokemon Oddish is one of my favorites! It's such a simple looking Pokemon and that's what makes it is so cute! I once saw an example of a plant pot in the shape of an Oddish on Google and I just loved the idea!

  • New (wet) clay doesn't always stick to old (dry) clay. Check with your hobby store which kind of clay will work best for you.
  • The legs might break off if you don't use something inside to connect them to the body (like a stick)

Step 1

I started with a balloon and covered it with clay. This wasn't easy as the clay wouldn't stick when start putting it on but eventually I got it covered completely. The next day the clay was still wet but I decided to carefully pop the balloon as the clay began to shrink and I wanted to avoid cracks.
450x350 oddish 01 450x350 oddish 02

Step 2

When the cray dried sufficiently I added some clay at the opening at the top as this part was very brittle. Added holes for the eyes, the mouth, drainage and added the legs. Sanded the model smooth.
450x350 oddish 03 450x350 oddish 04

Step 3

Painted the model inside out and added beads for the eyes.

Step 4

Planted a little Hosta.
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