Toilet Roll

Toilet Roll Ideas

At many companies they make use of an "automatic" toilet roll system. The roll is held in the dispenser by two plastic sides. As a cleaner, I have access to a lot of these and for a while I wondered if I could use the empty rolls and plastic sides for something creative.

Partly used but complete set Empty roll with plastic sides Plastic sides

900x500 toilet roll decoration 01

Plastic sides

For these I quickly had the idea to connect them together and make a screen. The plastic sides I connected using "White Self Locking Nylon Cable Cord Wire Zip Ties Strap". They were a bit long so I wrapped them around twice. I'm not sure what I should do with the screen... I could hang it in front of my window instead of my blinds. It would let thru a lot more light but I'm not sure if people outside will be able to see me and I do like my privacy.
900x500 toilet roll decoration 02

Toilet Rolls

This still leaves the carton rolls... a whole lot of them. There are a ton of cool ideas on Google but a lot use the full size rolls and I only have half's.
Wall Decoration Mini Dioramas Plant Pots
225x225 toilet roll decoration 01 225x225 toilet roll decoration 02 225x225 toilet roll decoration 03
I think I might like to try this some time. There are a lot of empty walls in my house so plenty of room. This looks great but also looks like a lot of work and frustration. So I tried this, I thought I could grow some catnip and give them away to my cat loving neighbors. I didn't grow so much catnip as I did mushrooms...
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