Willow (Don’t Starve)

March of 2016 I was invited by Gandalf the White to join him at Dutch Comic Con. I’d been working on a cosplay for Elfia but I would have to travel to the event by train and by myself. Imagining myself walking around in public.. dressed up as a mystical fox made my stomach do a 360. I really wanted to go.. but I’d need a cosplay that was a little toned down. Eventually I decided on Willow from the game ‘Don’t Starve’. I’ve enjoyed the game Don’t Starve a lot and always pick Willow as my character. Her ability to resists fire and her personal light source are too good to ignore. Willow’s clothing is pretty basic, so there is no excuse for not getting it as accurate as possible. I had about a week to get it together and found most of what I needed at the secondhand store.
Being able to easily buy the clothing was a real boon as little time and the lighter would be taking up much of that. The main part of the lighter is a plain mug with clay added to shape the handle. On top is an assortment of little bits and bobs combined in such a way that you get a pretty good resemblance of a lighter. Being a creative person I have a large collection of odds and ends. Unfortunate I was so stressed to get the lighter done in time that I forgot to record all the steps it took to craft.

The day before I was planning to go I figured that a backpack would be useful... The game provides a few backpack options and I first decided on the Krampus Sack. Unfortunately I couldn’t get it to work. The cloth didn’t look right and the chains were much too heavy. So the morning of Comic Con I rushed back to the fabric shop and bought cloth for the Piggyback instead. Even though it was a bit of a rush job I was pleased with the result. This cosplay could certainly be improved upon. A proper wig for example, better makeup and a proportional top-hat.

Dutch Comic Con was a lot of fun! So many people with cool costumes was amazing! You could join contests, buy many things cosplay related and of course comic-books.

450x350 Willow Cosplay 01 450x350 Willow Cosplay 02
450x350 Willow Cosplay 03 450x350 Willow Cosplay 04
450x350 Willow Cosplay 05 450x350 Willow Cosplay 06
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