Diablo II Diablo II
Release date:
  Blizzard North (Entertainment)
June 2000
PC, Mac
Hack & Slash

Personal enjoyment: 10/10

This is one of my favorite games of all time! The Diablo 2 is old and the graphics are very dated, but once I start playing it is hard to stop. For the most part it’s just a nice relaxing hack&slash with boss fights that will have me on the edge of my seat!


My first character to reach hell difficulty was a sorceress called Cathana, this one I played on my old iMac. I've also enjoyed other classes like the druid, amazon and necromancer. Their builds might not be what the elite would choose but I've enjoyed playing them and that's what’s important. The character stats below are mostly without gear to show their flat stats and skills.



When I checked the save files on my old iMac I bizarrely could not find a sorceress named Cathana. I did find Rayana... I think this might be a second character, it's a shame I could not find Cathana which should have been my very first. When I look at the stats and talent tree of Rayana I'm not entirely sure what my strategy was.
sorceresses stats sorceresses skill cold sorceresses skill lightning sorceresses skill fire


The Druid is a great class that can be played in many different ways. A lot of players seem to prefer the elemental druid with a bear companion but I've tried that and found it very boring.
druid stats druid skill element druid skill shape druid skill summon


This is probably a rather standard Amazon build but also very effective. I've leveled this character on LAN with a friends Necromancer and although we had some problems with bosses we finished the first difficulty level pretty quickly. I continued playing her and she is currently in act 1 of Hell difficulty.
amazon stats amazon skill spear amazon skill passive amazon skill bow


After playing with my friend on LAN I thought about making another Necromancer. I've played this class before but never got very far, Duriel kicked my butt every time. With my current build I was able to beat this guy surprisingly easy. I'm not sure if I will stay with the Iron Golem which requires an item or if I will upgrade to the Fire Golem.
necromancer stats necromancer skill summon necromancer skill poison necromancer skill curse

Game Tips

  • Basic game information here...
  • You can keep skill points you do not want to spend and use them at later levels when the skills you do like become available.
  • Gamble to get a new belt with extra potion slots early.
  • Gamble for +skill on Amulets and circlets.
  • Runes Tal + Eth (rune word Stealth) on a 2 socket breastplate provide a really nice high level breastplate early.
Sorceress Doll
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