Don’t Starve Don't Starve
Release date:
  Klei Entertainment
April 2013
PC, Linux, Mac, PS4, Wii U
Survival (horror)

Personal enjoyment: 09/10

The Game

Character choice

You start out with Wilson but eventually you will unlock other characters with the experience received after death. Wilson is a good all-round character and he has some really nice bonuses but I prefer Willow instead. Her lighter, fire immunity and ability to gain sanity when close to something burning is convenient beyond words.

Map generation:

For first few maps, I played with everything on default. For my last play-thru I’ve made the following changes:
icon world size Huge: This way you don’t run out of resources and you will have plenty of space to build your base. It will mean that it might take some time for you to find Chesters Eye-Bone 170x170 button dontstarve map
icon land branch Never: This will smooth out the map rather than making it in a star pattern.
icon land loop Always: In combination with World Blanch on Never will curl the map round in a circle

pighead Pig Heads: Lots. Although it doesn’t say so, I’m pretty sure this option will spawn more restore points.
mushrooms Mushrooms: Lots. They aren’t good for eating raw or cooked but they are great for crockpot recipes and to feed your pigs in return for manure.
killerbeehives Killer Beehives: None! These things are just annoying! I have yet to find any reason to have these on the map that is positive… These things should not exist I tell you!

My base

I’m not someone who can place things willy-nilly, everything has to be in an orderly fashion and preferably symmetrical. Below is an example of what my base generally looks like:

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