170x190 Pokemon Go Pokemon Go
Release date:
July 2016
Android, and iOS
Mobile collecting and strategy

Personal enjoyment: 08/10

This game is both loved and hated. People hate it because they feel it’s not truly Pokemon, as it doesn’t follow the base mechanics and because some (dumb) people cause traffic accidents. I like this game because it gives me everything I generally look for in a game; collecting, strategy and I can play it almost everywhere. This game gave me a reason to walk around my neighborhood and I’ve found some really nice places that I would never have visited otherwise.

Character Info

I’ve created multiple accounts, displayed below is my main. I started this account a day before I left for a 3 week vacation in Japan. My phone didn’t have data but luckily there were many free wireless access points. Leveling has become a lot easier since but by the time I came back my level was 17 and a half. One of my favorite things to do is hatch eggs, they are like little egg shaped presents. I’ve been quite lucky, hatching a Snorlax, Lapras and Chansey.
Character Screen Kanto Collector
Scientist Backpacker
Jogger Breeder
  Battle Girl Ace Trainer
Youngster Fisherman Pikachu Fan


Current Team
Most people still use water pokemon to defend gyms. This means Vaporeon’s aren’t the best choice type wise but they are strong and easy to acquire. Jolteon’s are a better option against water pokemon but they are generally much weaker. Arcanine is a good choice against Exeggutor, a type also frequently used, but seems rather weak in battle. Defending water pokemon won’t do much against a Gyarados, while my Gyarados has attacks that can harm psychic, dragon and poison type.
pokemon_team1 pokemon_team2 pokemon_team3
pokemon_team4 pokemon_team5 pokemon_team6

Team Assist
These Pokemon sometimes supply extra assistance in battling or defending gyms. I’m still looking for a pure fire type that can stand strong against Exeggutor. My current Arcanine is pretty good but not ideal.
Gengar Lapras Snorlax
Scyther Blastoise Magmar

Perfect IV’s
The Pokemon below have perfect stats. Most of these were hatched from eggs. They might not be useful but that doesn’t mean they can’t become worthwhile in the future.
Clefable Nidoking Sandslash
Dugtrio Pidgeot Fearow

Game tips

Useful Links
Pokemon Official Website
The Silphroad
Pokemon Database
Pokemon Server Status
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Many useful Pokemon Go tools
Lots of pokemon information
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Cool Pokemon Go Art

  • Don’t transfer pokemon with perfect IV’s, even when they have low CP, are an undesirable type or have ‘bad’ moves. Perfect IV’s are rare and the game is still changing. They could become useful in de future.
  • Some moves are great DPS wise but might not be as good if they are slow. Test moves before you invest in your pokemon.
  • Add symbols to the name of your top pokemon so you can easily sort them by name.
  • If you have a pokemon that can evolve twice, don’t evolve it unless you have the candy for both. A better version can always come along.
  • Don’t use the blue incubators for 2km eggs.
  • Choose your Stardust wisely, this resource will become very important at higher levels.

  • Collect ‘trash’ pokemon like Pidgey, Weedle and Rattata until you are between level 18 and 20. Then Evolve them using Lucky Eggs.
  • Don’t catch evolves that are not yet in your Pokedex, unless they are ‘special’. Get them by evolving while using Lucky Eggs for more experience.

  • If you can, try to fight and defend gyms as soon as you can. It will help determine with pokemon and moves you like. It’s also nice to earn a few coins as soon as possible.
  • Some of the best (annoying) pokemon to place on a gym are those with charge moves that use little energy (like Aerial Ace). These are hard to dodge and might end up doing more damage than a large move like Hydro Pump.
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