Release date:
      Redbeet Interactive
May 2018
PC, Linux
Survival game

Personal enjoyment: 07/10


Raft is a cool little game I bought after watching videos on the YouTube channel CallMeKevin. It is a survival game that reminded me of a little of Subnautica. At the moment there are two chapters and perhaps there will be a third in the future. There is.. a story but don’t worry too much about it. Take your time, have fun building a cool raft and explore this watery world. The game can be played alone but is a lot more fun with friends.

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YouTube channel – CallMeKevin
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  • Storage: You will need storage and lots of it. The best chest available is the 20 slot Storage Chest. If you place two walls opposite of each other, with a floor below and above you’ll be able to fit 8 chests in between. That is probably the maximum number of storage spots in the smallest amount of space. Place two of these next to each other and you’ll be able to access the chests from both sides, giving you 16 chests (320x storage spots).
  • Food Farm: Planting vegetables in Crop Plots can provide a stable source of food.. if it wasn’t for Seagulls continually trying to eat them. Placing Crop Plots under roof tiles and hanging Birds’ Nests high up on your raft can help distract this flying menace. I would advise against using Scarecrows as these only seem to aggravate Seagulls.
  • Flowers: These have their use but don’t bother with them until you have enough storage. You can safely plant them in a Small Crop Plot if you keep them under a roof tile. It’s not a 100% guarantee but in combination of placing a Bird Nest high up on your raft, it should work quite well.
  • Fishing: Is super easy in this game and very rewarding. Fishing is a great way of getting food fast and there are no Seagulls trying to steal your catch. Some fish are too large for a Simple Grill but keep them for later. You’ll need fish to create Shark Bait which will allow you to swim near your raft safely for a short while. Occasionally, you can also catch decorative items.
  • Islands: Don’t worry about stripping islands of all of their resources. Islands despawn and respawn with all their resources intact. So cut every tree, pick every flower, gather up everything you need.
  • Livestock: Animals can be a great boon. Try to get at least a llama and a Clucker. Goats are nice but not essential. A llama will provide wool that’s necessary to create armor and backpack. Generally armor isn’t that important but a backpack is an absolute must. Cluckers will lay eggs which are very useful, so make sure to get one or more. Thankfully, livestock no longer dies without food, but if you want your livestock to look happy and produce, try to have at least two Grass Plots per animal.
  • Weapons: Forget the Metal Spear and the late game Machete, the best weapon to have is a Bow with Metal Arrows. A bow, can pretty much kill everything easily and more importantly safely. Some creatures may still require some tactic or practice.


  • Killing the Shark: There is the slow way and the fast way. Slow way: Wait for it to eat a part of your raft and stab it with your spear. Eventually you’ll be able to kill it. Fast way: Check where the shark is and jump into the water with your bow and metal arrows. Wait for it to come at you and shoot him the moment it opens its mouth. If the arrow hits, he will veer off and you shouldn’t take damage. If you swim after it you might be able to hit it again. Wait for it to return and repeat. Any arrows that don’t hit will sink to the bottom and disappear.
  • Killing the Warthog: This wild pig, when attacking, will stop to line up for a charge. It always charges in a straight line, so the key to killing it is simply sidestepping. Make sure you don’t walk into a tree or rock, strafe and shoot it six times with your bow and metal arrows. Alternatively you can also stand in the water as it will not follow.
  • Killing the Screecher: This @#$%& bird is the absolute worse! Always try to park your raft away from its patrol radius. Take your bow, a stack or so of Metal Arrows and climb up high. The Screecher has a set number of locations where it will randomly pick up rocks. It will than fly up to you and drop the rock on your head. While it’s flying up to you, line up your bow with its flight path and draw an arrow. Just before it reaches above eye level, move the cursor to just above its head and let lose. The arrow will hit as the bird is moving up and the arrow is going down. Make sure to sidestep to avoid the rock it drops. Alternatively you can also try to get him while he’s on the ground but this will be much more difficult as its landing locations are random.
  • Killing the Poison-Puffer: Find your target and get ready to dive. Wait for the pufferfish to notice and swim towards you. Keep swimming backward while hitting it with a spear or better yet a bow and metal arrows. It will be easier to hit if you stay underwater. After three hits make sure to go up for some oxygen.
  • Killing the Bear: These are very similar in strategy as the Warthog. Most of the time, it will chase you and when close enough, will pause for a swipe. If you run in circles it will never be able to catch up long enough to do damage while you can draw and release arrows at will.
  • Killing the Mama Bear: This bear is NO joke! This is the most powerful enemy in the game! DO NOT attempt to kill this bear without a plan or you will die! You cannot ‘kite’ this bear like the others as it can swipe half your health-bar in one swing and it takes a minimum of 50 metal arrows to take it down. There are a few tricks though, the best one (the one that I used) can be found here: Killing Mama Bear
  • Killing the Seagull: These pests are easiest to kill while they are perched on a birds nest. A bow is good but a metal spear will do just fine. Sneak up to it or take a sprint and stab just above the bird as it is likely to fly off. A dead Seagull can bounce quite far, so place the nest away from the edge of you raft or its body might land in the water.


  • Losing Livestock: In high waves it’s possible for animals to clip through your raft. The game will detect them as swimming, they will be left behind in the sea and despawn. Keep an eye on them when the sea becomes rough.
  • Stuck on Warthog: This is a reoccurring bug where, if you get caught by the Warthog and pushed onto an object, you’ll become stuck.. permanently. You won’t be able to open the menu and unstuck. You can leave it and eventually die, probably losing your inventory. Or you can force quit the game with all progress lost.
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