Release date:
      Unknown Worlds Entertainment
January 2018
PC, Mac, Xbox One, PS4, Switch
Open-world Underwater Survival

Personal enjoyment: 10/10

Subnautica Map

I’d heard that this game was really scary.. so I wasn’t sure if I wanted to play it as I’m not a fan of horror games. After completing Subnautica multiple times, I have to say that even though there were some stressful moments it’s not that bad. It’s actually very beautiful and relaxing most of the time. I love this game! Exploring, building, collecting, and great graphics, it’s everything I look for in a game. The only thing I found a little strange in the beginning.. In most of my recent games I’ve always been able to choose the gender of my character. In Subnautica you play as Ryley Robinson, a guy. For some reason, for the first hour or so, it felt really strange hearing male grunts and groans.

Tips and Tricks

Useful Links

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Save Games


  • Save your game: Unfortunately the game has a number of bugs. Falling out of the map being one of them. Perhaps this is why the game doesn’t really have an ‘auto save’ option.
  • Screenshots: Any pictures you take won’t be saved unless you save your game. If you die in a hardcore game, all screenshots from that game will be deleted.
  • Take your time: The main quest of this game isn’t very extensive. Don’t rush! Have fun exploring, collecting blueprints, scan every fish/plant and build a base (or several).
  • Beacon: Carry one or two with you when exploring a new area. Without a map these will help locate previously found points of interest.
  • Extra vehicles: Create a backup for your Seamoth and Prawn-suit. They cost little to build and chances are you’ll lose one during your gameplay.
  • Time capsules: Is an item you’ll run into once a while. It can hold quite a number of items, but you don’t have to worry about not having enough inventory space; the game will create temporary space for these items.
  • Alien eggs: You can find a quite a number of these. These are glossary and aren’t necessary to progress in the game. Consider leaving them until you have proper storage and or an Alien Containment to hatch them.

Dangerous Leviathans

There are a few highly dangerous creatures in Subnautica. Luckily, most can be evaded as they stay within a designated area. These creatures are meant to be permanent obstacles/sentinels. It isn’t intended for the player to fight them, let alone kill them.. It can be done but most ‘weapons’ are less than effective; the Prawn Suit being the only exception. When you do attack them (back), they might leave their territory and become unpredictable. I’ve attacked the Reaper Leviathan swimming at the back of the Aurora a few times and later had to kill it as it moved to the Safe Shallows where I had my base.

Decoration - Inside

Subnautica provides a lot of elements to create and spruce up your base. Many of these elements will need to found and scanned before you can use them, so keep your eyes open. Here are some of my favorites:
  • Alien Containment: This is probably the best base addition! They take up a lot of space but place one under your bedroom, laboratory or in an adjacent room. Once you have an Alien Containment you’ll be able to place fish or eggs inside. Not all fish have swim animations. Some good choices are: Bladderfish , Reginald, Oculus, Rabbit Rays (via eggs), Jellyray (via eggs). You can also place sea-plants inside an Alien Containmen: Violet Beau, Redwort, Spotted Dockleaf, Furled Papyrus, Regress Shell, Jellyshroom and Creepvine (but only in a double Alien Containment) are good options.
  • Aquarium: You can use them as storage, decoration and place them as room dividers. Bladderfish, Reginald, Oculus are a good choice.
  • A Lookout: You can build your base up and above the waterline. It is very peaceful watching the waves, a nice quiet location to just sit and meditate.
  • Greenhouse: The Bio- and Nuclear Reactor take up quite a bit of space. Fill the rest of the room with Growbeds and Plant Pots. Add glass windows on all sides to also make look nice from the outside. You could use the plants for food or energy (if you’re using the Bioreactor).
  • T & X Corridor: Consider using a T or X, instead of the L or basic corridor. This way you can create little alcoves to place storage or decorations.
  • Small Bedroom: You don’t necessarily need to use a large room to create a bedroom. Corridors can make a cozy little sleeping compartment.
  • Creepervine: Perhaps this is a bug but funny enough, these vines will grow through your base interior. Place them under Corridors, Multipurpose Rooms or a Moon pool and they will grow inside.
  • Cyclops: This submarine may not have a lot of space available but you can place more than just storage. Add a bed, an aquarium and some plants to make it a little home away from home.
Alien Containment Aquarium
Lookout Greenhouse
T & X Corridor Small Bedroom

Decoration - Outside

Many players focus solely on the interior when building their base, while you can do so much more with the exterior! Exterior Growbeds are nice but there are numerous ways to make your base look more interesting. For most of these you’ll need the Propulsion Cannon.

The Propulsion Cannon is a wonderful device! It can help you grab items from a distance, move items around or launch items like a cannon. DO NOT try to bring items inside your base via the Moonpool. Once inside you won’t be able to move them again. Some of these items were not meant to be moved and although I’m glad the creators left the option in I would highly recommend saving your game before attempting to bring items to your base that weren’t meant to be moved. The game is glitchy and this could ruin your base or even your save game. Some of the suggested items below will take a lot of time to get them to where you want them, but if you have time to waste give this a try ;)
  • Cargo Boxes: These are everywhere! Large, small, closed, open, damaged and all are easily relocated. Place a stack of them outside of your base is an easy way to decorate the outside. You can also place items inside, such as eggs or ores.
  • Supply Crate: You can find many of these around the Aurora crash site. They are easy to move and place. They have a slight glow to them and can be left closed or opened with or without items inside.
  • Data Boxes: These may contain useful blueprints so if you want the closed version you should save your game and check before using them as decoration. These have a bright blue glow which can be used to light up an area.
  • Ore veins: The small versions can be dropped directly from your inventory. The large versions are a lot more work. They’re mostly found in deeper water, are quite sluggish when moved and are harder to place correctly. They’ll also disappear if you leave them on the ground after moving. I found that out the hard way when trying to get the large Ion Cube out of the Alien Thermal Plant. So if you’re planning to move the Large Ion Cube or Kyanite you’ll need to construct a ‘Foundation’ along the way to leave them on.
  • Junk: Many wrecks will have an assortment of junk items scattered around it. Some of these can be moved and would make a nice addition to your base. With a couple of desks and some lab equipment you could make a nice laboratory setup. You could get a forklift or two and create a loading dock. Not all junk items, although nice are worth moving; items such as the lockers and the glass table are easily moved but almost impossible to place properly.
  • Artifacts: Unfortunately the game doesn’t have a lot of choice when it comes to alien artifacts. All the keys can be crafted and dropped directly from the inventory. The purple one had a nice bright glow to it. There is one movable pedestal inside the Quarantine Enforcement Platform. Blobs of Enzyme 42 can be moved at the end of the main quest (not an alien artifact but related).
  • Eggs: These come in a lot of different shapes, sizes and colors. What’s nice about eggs is that they can be dropped from the inventory and they don’t disappear (that I know of) when placed on the ground. You can create a display of different eggs, or stockpile them in large cargo crates. I found Stalker eggs especially nice; there are plenty of them, they are easy to find and they seem to glow from the inside.
  • Flora: Subnautica provides a large selection of flora that can be harvested and planted around your base. Some plants however can’t be harvested normally, but, can be moved using the Propulsion Cannon. Not all are easy to place, some almost impossible.
Cargo Ores
Junk Artifacts
Eggs Flora

Time Capsules

The creators of Subnautica added something absolutely wonderful! Time Capsules! When finishing the game you are able to create a message for others players. When someone starts a new game a number of random/popular player created Time Capsules are spawned. These Time Capsules will contain a message, screenshot and items. I’ve created two of my own :) If you can, please vote for them and maybe you’ll find them in your next game!

AvenFawns Emergency Kit
Alterra launches new lifepods
Alterra HQ Supplies
Aquatic Wasteland
Free at last!
Good bye and thanks for all the fish!
Good Luck
Hand in there!
It’s finally time to say goodbye.
It’s over…
Keep Swimming
Leaving 4645B
Sunrise 4546B
Thank You!
There and Back Again
Time well spend
We made it
You look tired and lost.

My name is Anna Tsvetok, I’m a student of alien plant & animal biology. A few months ago I was able to join the crew of the Aurora as an assistant janitor. Not that I enjoyed cleaning floors and toilets, it was purely to clock the necessary amount of space hours for me to graduate. After all, no expedition will take a newbie that could go space crazy after only a week!

This might sound crude.. but I couldn’t believe my luck when the Aurora crashed on 4546B. No disrespect to the unfortunate crew members that didn’t make it, but this planet is absolutely amazing! It’s been wonderful cataloging every aspect of the complex ecosystem on the ‘sea-pillar’ (as I like to call it). The PDA calls it “the Crater” but that just isn’t right, now is it?!

Anyway, I’m done here, I’m moving on to a new location. Have tried leaving via the Dead Zone but.. wasn’t quite successful. So I’ve disabled the Neptune’s autopilot and am hoping to fly it manually to a new area.

Don’t look for me!

Is this thing recording? Ok.. so ehh, I guess I’m supposed to record a message or something.. Well.. ehh, the Aurora crashed, It’s that big space wreck in the water. Everyone’s dead except me.. There’s ehh, some kind of disease floating around here and ehh, I got sick for a while. Thankfully the PDA lady helped me out.. she was a big help! Make sure you listen to her. If I manage to get back, I’ll visit the PDA lady to thank her for helping me and stuff.

Oh! Seems I can put something in here as well. I’ll ehh, put these bottles in here.. You’ll need them.. believe me. I mean seriously Alterra? No bathroom blueprints? So yah, you’ll need those bottles. I’ve added some bleach as well; make sure to rinse with water before using it though. You could also use the bottles for science stuff. I ehh, don’t know much about science stuff.. I’m just a janitor. Give me a mop and bucket and I’ll show you some magic but ehh, no mop or bucket blueprints either.

~ Frank the Janitor

Basic Walkthrough (Spoilers)

This is just a basic walkthrough that might help if you get stuck on the main quest. The game is pretty much an open world, which you can explore anyway you like. It’s not even necessary to follow or complete the main quest. It’s your choice; do what you want and take as much time as you like. For those not familiar with the game I would recommend fixing the radio and finding the locations it will direct you to.


You wake up on Escape Pod #5, it’s a miracle you are still alive!
In the pod you will find limited storage, there is a working Medical Kit Fabricator that will provide a new Medical Kit every 30min and a Fabricator for constructing basic necessities. There is also a damaged radio, which if you repair it, will provide hints on how to progress through the game.

Leave the safety of the escape pod and search for supplies, building material and ‘Blueprints’. Begin your search around ‘The Shallows’ starting area for your basic needs such as food, water, Titanium and Copper. Expand your search into the Kelp Forest. Below I’ve noted only the essential blueprints that can be found in these biomes. Some blueprints will automatically be discovered after scanning an item or after an event.

Safe Shallows

This is sort of a “Safe Zone”… Not that you can’t die here, but the dangers are relatively low. Resources to find include: Titanium, Copper, Quartz, Acid Mushroom, Table Coral Sample and Cave Sulphur.
  • Standard O2 Tank: One of your first upgrades. This will allow you to stay underwater longer.
  • Scanner: This will allow you to acquire blueprints and record information on all kinds of objects.
  • Flashlight: Will help you find your way through caves and wrecks.
  • Seaglide: The Seaglide takes up quite a lot of inventory space but it stays useful till the end of the game.
  • Beacon: Beacons are very useful in a game that doesn’t have a Map. Take at least one with you to mark a point of interest.
  • Mobile Vehicle Bay: Used to create vehicles. Seamoth, Prawnsuit and the Cyclops submarine.

Kelp Forest

A lush green biome that surrounds the Safe Shallows. There are dangers here but nothing you shouldn’t be able to handle. You can find Creepervine Samples and Seed Clusters, Stalker teeth, Salt, Silver, Lead and Gold.
  • Fins: Upgrade that’ll allow you to swim faster.
  • High Capacity O2 Tank: Boosts the Oxygen supply to 135 units.
  • Rebreather: Negates the Oxygen consumption penalty when diving below 100m.
  • Survival Knife: Allows you to cut kelp, Table Coral Samples and kill fish.
  • Repair Tool: This will allow you to repair the radio, vehicles and your base in needed.
  • Habitat Builder: Base building isn’t just useful it’s also really fun.
  • Compass: Databox found in Lifepod 3. The compass will add the cardinal directions to your GUI. This is going to help you find your way around.

Now that you have a Habitat Builder you can create a base. It doesn’t have to be large, just a ‘Basic Compartment’ with a Hatch and Solar Panel will do. You can use it for storage and expand on it later.

On day 4 the Aurora Drive Core will explosion, unlocking the ‘Radiation Suit’.

Crash Zone

Fabricate the Radiation Suit, equip it and swim towards the Aurora. Try to stay away from the bow and stern of the ship as it has a big bad swimming there. You’ll find Supply Crates full of useful items but the main reason for going here is picking up the Propulsion Cannon blueprints.
  • Propulsion Cannon: This is an awesome ‘Utility Weapon’.. use it move items out of the way or launch creatures into orbit!
  • Cyclops Engine Fragment: It’s taking a bit of a risk but around the Aurora, namely at the back of it, you can find part of your Cyclops. Be aware of a big bad swimming very close to this area.

Grassy Plateaus

Like the Kelp Forest this biome surrounds the Safe Shallows. It’s a very pretty biome with a moderate risk assessment. The depth can be treacherous, so watch your air supply. There are also a few creatures that can kill the unaware. The Grassy Plateaus provide some large wrecks and the entrance into the Jellyshroom Cave.
  • Laser Cutter: A must have item that will help you through sealed doors in Wrecks and the Aurora.
  • Lightweight High Capacity Tank: Databox found in wreck. Provides a larger oxygen reserve, allowing you more time underwater.
  • Ultra Glide Fins: Databox found in Lifepod 6. Improved swim speed.
  • Seamoth: This is a must have Vehicle that can quickly get you from A to B. The Seamoth can excess all but the last two biomes for which you’ll need the Cyclops or Prawnsuit.
  • Vehicle Upgrade Console: Databox found in wreck. Used for vehicle upgrades but can also be used to create the color and name of your Seamoth and Prawnsuit.
  • Bioreactor: Is the second best energy producer for your base.
  • Scanner Room: This is a Base attachment that provides a map of area. You can select materials you’re looking for and it will display their locations.

Build a Seamoth; it will allow you to travel much faster and safer. Be aware that until you can get a depth upgrade you’ll only be able to dive up to 200m, go lower and the Seamoth will start taking damage. Around this time you should receive a distress call from lifepod 19 which has sunk to a depth of 300m. You can’t get to this lifepod at the moment, but don’t worry time is not an issue.
Set your focus on the Aurora first, but before heading there you’ll need to find diamonds to craft a Laser Cutter. One of the best places to find diamonds (Shale Outcrop) early on is the cliff between the Crash Zone and the Mushroom Forest, on the bow side of the Aurora.

Aurora (Interior)

The Aurora is full of goodies, so try to leave as much space in your inventory as possible. Do make sure to bring a Scanner, Flashlight, Repair Tool, Laser Cutter and the Propulsion Cannon. You won’t have to worry about food or water; you’ll find plenty onboard the ship. Swim towards the bow of the ship and enter through the first gap into the outer hull. Keep right and you’ll find a ramp up. Use the Propulsion Cannon to launch the creepy Cave Crawlies off the ship. This is also an effective strategy against the leechlike Bleeders swimming inside. Repair the Drive Core to fix the radiation leakage, making the Crash Site safe to enter without a Radiation Suit. Not repairing the Drive Core has no ill effect on gameplay.
  • Prawn Suit: This is an awesome and powerful vehicle! You’ll need one to finish the main quest..
  • Storage Module: Will allow for extra storage in your Seamoth and Prawn Suit. Can be added multiple times.
  • Seamoth Depth Module MK1: Will allow your Seamoth to dive to up to 300 meters.
  • Cyclops Engine Efficiency Module: This will reserve power, a useful upgrade, especially when traveling long distances.

Add the upgrades you found in the Aurora to your Seamoth and travel North-East or North-West towards the Mushroom Forest. Alternatively you can build a Prawn Suit, but without the right upgrades a Seamoth is the better option.

Mushroom Forest

This biome has a lot to offer and is still relatively safe. The North-East forest does have a Reaper Leviathan so keep your distance. Collect as many Diamonds, Lithium, Lead, Gold and Silver ores as possible. Also keep an eye out for the following fragments:
  • Modification Station: Will allow you to upgrade our O₂ Tank, Swim-fins, knife and vehicle.
  • Moonpool: A must have part of any base. This will automatically load up your Seamoth or Prawn Suit and charge their Power Cells.
  • Cyclops Hull: One of three parts needed to create the submarine called the Cyclops.
  • Cyclops Bridge: One of three parts needed to create the submarine called the Cyclops.

Add a Moonpool to your base so you can recharge your Seamoth and Prawnsuit. The Moonpools placement (direction) is set when the first piece of your base is created. If you prefer your Moonpool to be in a specific direction you’ll have to place it first and build your base around it.

(Deep) Sparse Reef

It’s been a while.. but after crafting the ‘Mobile Vehicle Bay’ you should have received a distress call from lifepod 19. The lifepod of Second Officer Keen had sunk to 300m. Make sure to equipped the MK1 Module to your Seamoth so you will be able to reach it. Near this lifepod you’ll find a useful wreck, Gel Sacks and Rubies. An abandoned PDA in the lifepod will then direct you to your next location, a floating island close by.
  • Ultra High Capacity Tank: The best air tank available.
  • Reinforced Dive Suit: Will protect against damage and provides heat resistance.
  • Power Cell Charger: Can charge the Power Cells used in Vehicles.
  • Cyclops Fire Suppression System: May save your Cyclops after taking heavy damage.

Floating Island

This island is a real treasure trove! Follow the signal Second Officer Keen left for you to find the first of three Degasi bases. Search the island for information, fragments and flora. You’ll find a lot of unique flora that are both useful for food and for decoration. The Degasi Base also has one a Purple Tablet which will be required to progress the story.
  • Multipurpose Room: Large room piece for your base.
  • Composite Plant Pot: Can be used to plant the flora found on the island.
  • Interior Growbed: Can be used to plant the flora found on the island.
  • Exterior Growbed: Can be used to plant sea-flora found underwater.

Jellyshroom Cave

There are a number of entrances to this cave located in the Grassy Plateau biome. The easiest way to find the right one is by following the signal activated through a PDA found on the Floating Island. This cave can be very dangerous! The cave layout is quite confusing, Crabsnakes do moderate damage and the Degasi base is full of Drooping Stingers. While in this cave make sure to look for Magnetite ore which will be very important for your progress.
  • Nuclear Reactor: This is the best energy generator available.
  • Water Filtration Machine: You’ll no longer need to rely on just water from Bladderfish or Bleach. This machine will provide a bottle of Large Filtered Water very 15min.

Create the MK2 upgrade for your Seamoth and if you can the MK3, you’ll be able to travel to the maximum depth of 900m.

(Deep) Grand Reef

In the second Degasi base located in the Jellyshroom Cave, you can find a PDA providing the location of the third base. The Grand Reef is quite stunning with blue glowing Anchor Pods. Watch yourself here; there is a Ghost Leviathan roaming around. There are also Warpers that can teleport you away from your Seamoth and Crabsquid that are also fairly dangerous. In the Degasi base you’ll find an Orange Tablet, this provide access to an Alien Laboratory Cache in the Lost River nearby. Make sure to pick up some Uraninite Crystal while you’re here.
  • Alien Containment: A wonderful addition to your base. For decoration, to breed fish or to hatch the many mystery eggs.
  • Cyclops Shield Generator: A very useful upgrade for your Cyclops. This will help with damage and can chase off attackers.
  • Cyclops Depth Module MK1: This will allow the Cyclops to dive up to 900m. Finding the MK1 upgrade it will simultaneously unlock MK2 and MK3.
  • Cyclops Thermal Reactor Module: Will recharge the Cyclops power cells in hot areas.
  • Cyclops Docking Bay Repair Module: With this module, a Seamoth or Prawn Suit with automatically be repaired while inside the Cyclops.
  • Cyclops Sonar Upgrade: Will help you navigate the Cyclops in narrow cave systems by creating a wireframe view of the surrounding area.

This event may trigger earlier, but on day 21 you’ll receive a message from the cargo ship Sunbeam. I’ve added this entry between the discovery of the Degasi Grand Reef Base and the Lost River, but it really depends on how fast you progress through the game.. The Sunbeam is nearing the planet and direct you to a pickup site. If you follow their marker you’ll find an island with an alien looking structure. It is possible to save the Sunbeam, but I’ve found it not really worth the effort ;P

Mountain Island

On the island you’ll find the Quarantine Enforcement Platform. This facility is responsible for shooting down a number of vessels. Inside you’ll find ‘Ion Cubes’ which can open Transport Gates and there are 3 such gates on the island. You can also find more Purple Tablets, both scattered around the island and the facility. These are required to open various alien locations..

Blood Kelp Zone

West ward, past the Grassy Plateau, between the Dunes and the Sparse Reef, there is a crevice with quite an eerie atmosphere. Make sure to collect Blood Oil and Deep Shrooms. This location is also the safest entrance into the Lost River so place a Beacon here.
  • Prawn Suit Drill Arm: This Prawn Suit upgrade makes it possible to mine large resource deposits. It can also be used as weapon. Add at least one!
  • Prawn Suit Grappling Arm Fragment: This will allow you move the Prawn Suit using a grappling hook.. Because of a game-bug that might disable your Prawn Suit inside alien facilities, you’ll need it when taking your Prawn inside.

Lost River

This is a very interesting biome. Take your Seamoth into the Lost River (bring a Purple Tablet). The safest spot is via the Blood Kelp Zone and this location is even large enough to maneuver a Cyclops through. Inside the Lost River you’ll be looking for Crystalline Sulfur (9x) and Nickel Ore (11x). There are juvenile Ghost Leviathans but other than that it is quite safe. You might want to consider creating a small base near the opening to the Ghost Tree Cove. You’ll be able to use this as a recharging spot, or to do changeovers between a Seamoth and Cyclops/Prawn Suit.

Lost River - Disease Research Facility

After finding this Alien Facility you’ll get more information about why spacecraft’s are being shot down. There is a deadly infectious disease on the planet called Kharaa. You’ll need to go deeper to find a possible cure.

If you haven’t already, build a Prawn Suit. Equip it with a Drill Arm, Depth Module MK1, Jump Jet Upgrade, Hull Reinforcement, Engine Efficiency Module and take a Grappling Arm. TIP: Be sure to take plenty of water, take two Purple Tablets and a Seaglide. It isn’t strictly necessary but you can also transport your Prawn Suit with a Cyclops.

Inactive Lava Zone

The best place to access the Inactive Lava Zone is past the Ghost Tree. You’ll travel through a large tunnel which ends in a huge chamber. The entrance is quite safe and you might want to consider creating a small base here. If you brought a Cyclops then leave it here and continue on in a Prawn Suit.

The middle of this cave has a strange castle like structure. This structure has two hidden entrances to the Alien Thermal Plant. But don’t just walk up and start climbing.. The center is being patrolled by a HUGE Sea Dragon Leviathan! Before starting you search for the entrance to the Thermal Plant, make sure to mine a lot of Kyanite (18x), the pretty blue crystals.

If you manage to find the Alien Thermal Plant without being mauled by the Sea Dragon Leviathan you’ll need the two Purple Tablets to access the data terminals. I’d advise to then activate the alien gateway. Walk your Prawn Suit through and the gate teleports you to the Mountain Island (Quarantine Enforcement Platform). Take the Kyanite, Prawn Suit Depth Module MK1 and use the Seaglide to get back to your base. Here you can craft an additional Blue Tablet, a Prawn Suit Depth Module MK2, a Prawn Suit Thermal Reactor and perhaps upgrades for the Cyclops.
  • Ion Battery & Power Cell: These are more powerful versions of Battery and Power Cell.

Travel back to the alien gate and add the new upgrades to your Prawn Suit. Re-enter the gate, exit the Thermal Plant/Lava castle and try to get back to where you first entered the main chamber. Be careful! If the Sea Dragon sees you, it will chase you!

Lava Lakes

If you are facing the Inactive Lava Zone chamber, with the tunnel behind you, then the entrance to the Lava Lakes is forward and to your right. It is a big pit that you’ll need to jump into. Watch yourself, your Prawn will take damage in lava and worse yet, there is another Sea Dragon Leviathan patrolling the inner chamber! This Sea Dragon can be quite erratic in its behavior so watch out! Once in the main chamber keep right and move along the wall until you reach the Primary Containment Facility. Inside the force-field you’ll be pretty much “safe”.. unless the game bugs out of course. The side chambers have alien gates to different places on the map. Some chambers have information.

Use the Blue Tablet to open the forcefield. Behind it is a moonpool with the Sea Emperor Leviathan. Don’t worry, it’s completely safe. The Sea Emperor would like you to help hatch her eggs. Access the incubator interface and she will open the alien gate for you. Exit through the gate and find the Hatching Enzyme ingredients. Return and use the Enzyme to hatch the cute baby Sea Emperors. On leaving through the gate they will release blobs of Enzyme 42, this is the cure.

Quarantine Enforcement Platform

Now that you are cured you can disable the weapon that shot down the Aurora and many other vessels. Once you’ve done this you’ll be able to leave the planet.. if that is what you want to do of course.


If you want to “escape” the planet you can go back to the Aurora for the blueprints to the Neptune Escape Rocket. These can be found in the captain’s quarters, the code to which will be provided via a radio message.

Neptune Escape Rocket

You’ll be able to build this everywhere as long as the water is deep enough. You’ll be able to create your own Time Capsule! Don’t worry about your save file, you can just continue the game as if you never left.
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