Viva Pinata

Viva Pinata

Release date:
      Rare and Climax Group
November 2006
Xbox 360, PC, Mac
Creative strategy

Personal enjoyment: 09/10

This game was created for a younger audience, basically children. But I love it so much! The colors, the detailed animations, cute pinata’s and the sounds they make. You can really tell the developers put a lot of thought and effort into making this a great game! I can highly recommend getting this game; however I do urge anyone looking to do so, to do their research first. This game is considered ‘obsolete’ and may not run (properly) on newer platforms.

The game is played within the confines of a small garden that will grow over time. You will meet a sweet girl called Leafos, who will be your guide through the tutorial part of the game. After receiving your first shovel, you will be instructed to ‘whack’ the dried dirt, to plant grass, dig ponds, plant flowers and so on. Leafos will walk around your garden to cheer you on, provide instructions on how to best tend your garden and will notify you on new events. A good garden will attract lots of Pinata’s and if their requirements are met will come to live in it! You probably won’t be able to attract every single species of Pinata within just one garden.. Luckily the game allows you to have several different gardens and your progress (funds and equipment) will be available across all of them! I’ve made a many different themed gardens such as a; Forest, Water, Farm, Insect, Halloween, Avian and Magic garden.

Tips & Tricks
  • If you’ve never played the game then I highly recommended following the tutorial. It’s very instructive, although.. it can be a little annoying at times as you’ll receive a lot of notices, especially in the beginning.
  • Take your time. Every few levels you will be represented with a challenge in the form of Sour Pinata, Ruffians and Professor Pester. Moving too fast may attract multiple pests to your garden at the same time, this can make the game very stressful.
  • Your first garden (tutorial garden) will have random broken decorations and stones. Consider keeping some instead of smashing them all to bits. They are unique and may actually look good in your garden.
  • Don’t remove all of the ‘dried dirt’ in your garden. Keep patches of dried dirt as decoration, you’ll also need them if you’re going for the Gold version of the Dragonache.
  • Poke Seedos as much as possible. He’ll provide you with the first of every species of plant.
  • If the conditions are right, you will always have two of a Pinata species in your garden.
  • If the resident conditions are very demanding, it’s easier to have the hunter find you a second one.
  • If the romance conditions are very demanding, it’s easier to use romance candy after you’ve romanced your first couple.
  • Don’t sell your Pinata’s after receiving a master romance reward, send them to yourself through the mail. You might need them later.
  • You can use Pinata houses as decoration. A row of Buzzlegum or Flutterscotch houses can look very nice. Pinatas do seem to prefer the last house that was build.
  • If Ivor Beggar comes to your garden give him 1000 chocolate coins. You won’t regret it!
  • At level 30 you can buy the Captains Cutlass. A must have item! It will permanently keep Ruffians and Professor Pester out of your garden.
  • Some Pinata species hate each other and will fight. Normal barriers will not separate them properly as Pinata’s can ‘clip’ through them. The only barrier that seems to work a 100% is the Stone Wall (except Lackatoad who will jump any fence).
  • Ever wonder why your Pinata’s get sick and die for no apparent reason? From what I’ve observed, Pinata’s can’t walk backward. This means they can get stuck between objects. One of the most common places they get trapped is at the edge of the water. Make sure you either keep a reasonable space between objects and the water’s edge and to place water-plants as close to the water as possible.
  • Some Pinata’s climb trees. If you place items close to the tree they won’t be able to climb down again.
  • Planting flora really close together will disturb their growth. A plant that can’t grow will never wither! You can use this to your advantage by planting pumpkin seeds close together and making a permanent pumpkin patch.
  • Always try to keep some room along the outside of your garden and perhaps a path through the middle. Some helpers or Pinata’s might not be able to visit you otherwise.

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