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World of Warcraft

Release date:
Blizzard Entertainment
November 2004
PC, Mac

Personal enjoyment: 10/10

During these 6 years I had over 40 characters, some of which I played in co-op mode (switching between clients). I’ve played single, with friends, with a guild and as a mercenary. After 5 years of playing I didn’t enjoy the game as much as I use to, most of my old friends had moved on to other games and the endless daily quest grind made the game feel like a second job (one I wasn’t getting paid for). The decision to stop playing didn’t come easy though, It was hard to quit something I had invested so much time and effort in, not to mention all the gold and items I had collected… It truly ended for me at the end of 2011 when I moved apartments and lost my internet connection for a few months. I’m glad I stopped playing but I do miss it sometimes.


Sometime during 2006 I had a conversation with a friend about World of Warcraft. I was playing a lot at the time and WoW was all I could talk about. After hearing about the vanity pets my friend asked if you could make them fight, you could not at the time but his comment inspired me to create a web-comic.
My apologies for any spell and grammar errors (English is not my first language).

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Character Comics

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Looking for Purpose A Tale of a Female Troll A Rogue’s Story Day in the Life of a
Dragonkin Guard

Vanity Pet Battle!

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After achievements were implemented It renewed my interested in the game. Like so many I tried to get as many as I could and was quite proud of attaining some of the really hard to get ones.

Insane in the Membrane
Looking back at the dates between the achievement “Avast Ye, Admiral!” and this one it took over 6 months to raise the necessary reputation. Getting these achievements was partly a joint effort with an online friend. We killed Booty Bay Bruisers together and then raised our reputation (Steamwheedle Cartel) back up by killing the pirates near Ratchet. One of us would grind NPC’s while the other followed along while AFK. For Ravenholdt reputation I used my rogue (first time she was useful) to collect lockboxes… so many lockboxes.
Old Ironjaw
As a Horde player it wasn’t exactly easy to survive fishing in Ironforge. Many a quiet night I tried to fight and sneak into the Forlorn Cavern. Being a hunter with the feign ability it was easy enough to allude most hostile NPC’s, avoiding players was a different matter. I could hardly believe it when I finally caught this bastard!
Veteran of the Shifting Sands
This was a very long quest chain which became increasingly harder to obtain as none wanted to run classic raids anymore, I had to rely on random groups that often screwed up, fell apart halfway or had people looting the Elementium I needed. Even though the completion of this quest chain only provided me with an achievement and a useless scepter I’m still glad I accomplished it.

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Mounts, Vanity & Hunter Pets

Mounts & Vanity Pets

One of my pastimes was trying to get as many mounts and vanity pets as possible. Some of them were a real grind, taking many, many hours and lots of luck. Persistence usually payed off though and I use to have one of the biggest collections of Vanity pets my server. I’ve edited the vanity pet lists below to show only one of each type.
Mounts Vanity Pets

Hunter Pets

As a hunter I’ve had numerous pets, some common and some quite rare. Not every hunter relies on their pet and I’ve found that some random groups even demand you to recall it for fear of “ninja pulling”. A good hunter takes pride in their pets, they are a companion and hunters will often keep many different ones for look and functionality. In vanilla (lvl 60) we depended on pets to pull bosses (Molten Core, AQ40), and at lvl70+ to tank outdoor bosses like Azuregos and the Green Dragons of Nightmare.

Saddled Black Worg

This is a really nice looking Worg that I tamed in Hellfire Ramparts, it was the first armored worg/wolf pet available. The main reason I tamed this pet is because I had a mount to match (it looked like I mounted my pet) and when the Furious Howl ability was introduced it made him even more useful! It’s a shame you could not have your pet summoned while mounted.

(Skoll) Lightning Saber Worg

After spirit beasts were added in patch 3.2.0 (Wrath of the Lich King) I spend much of the first few days checking “The Storm Peaks” to try and find him. I think I tamed him on the fifth day and was one of the first on my server to flaunt this awesome lightning worg!
Saddled Black Worg (Skoll) Lightning Saber Worg

(Spirit of Koosu) Green Slime

This pet is now very rare as it can no longer be tamed. It’s connected to a quest in “Sholazar Basin” and is a crocolisks. This was one of my favorite solo-pets as it is unique, small and has great tanking abilities making it harder to kill. I had called this pet Vomit.

(Spirit of Atha) Ghost Hydra

Like my Slime this pet is also part of a “Sholazar Basin” quest. It was tamable for a while, then became untamable as there were no tamable Hydra’s at the time. It became available again once Hydra’s were introduced as tamable pets. I hardly ever used it though, it looked great but was very large (getting in the way of selecting targets) and it made a constant annoying noise.
(Spirit of Koosu) Green Slime (Spirit of Atha) Ghost Hydra

Green Striped Cat

This use to be part of a Horde only quest in Felwood, the quest (Winna's Kitten) seems to have been discontinued and I’m not sure if this pet is still tamable.
Purple Tallstrider

Pet abilities change all the time and I can’t quite remember why we choose a tallstrider to tank Azuregos but I’m thinking it must have had a boost in stamina and or resistance at the time.
450x350 diorama 03 Purple Tallstrider

Special Items

After playing almost every day for 6 years I acuminated many items, some quite rare. Before I quit playing I recorded a few of the items on my main character Bonesplitter. There are also recordings of items in various guild banks which I will add at a later date, I was quite the hoarder so there is lots of information to process.
Inventory, Bank & Bags
Special Item animation


Hunter Class Quest

This was a real test of skill and I had some great people to back me up. Like many I took this quest at level 60, it wasn’t just a quest to get epic class items but it was also a rite of passage. I was part of a guild at the time (Legacy of the Ancients) and they had a very close nit group of 6 hunters (including me). After being lucky enough to receive the [Ancient Petrified Leaf] I wanted to set out on the quest immediately! Of course we finished the raid first *wink*. When I was ready to proceed with the quest I was given training from the leader of our hunter group. He taught me how to “kite” and what to do to prepare myself for the upcoming fights. The fights themselves were strictly solo, any intrusion by others and the target disappears. They did help me find the target, they removed mobs that might interfere, players trying to help or hinder and they cheered me on. It was a great experience!

Teremus the Devourer

This use to be a really hard kill as he can heal himself with his Soul Consumption ability. Back in the day when you could still pull world bosses right into main cities he would go on a rampage! As hunters we could easily kill him by kiting him back and forth along the road. It was great fun fighting this guy with a group of hunters.

Dragonstalker's Spaulders

The guild had been raiding Blackwing Lair for a few months and I tried to join whenever possible. Our guild was doing pretty well and I almost had a full set of Dragonstalker (Tier 2). One evening we got to Chromaggus, a particularly challenging boss at the time and after defeating him he dropped the Dragonstalker Shoulders! It was the last item I needed but after some discussion by the raid leader, it was given to another hunter instead. This hunter was less active but had a higher rank than I… he left the guild only 2 weeks later! I never did manage to get those shoulders.

Darnassus raid

A very long time ago I was wandering the streets of Darnassus on a low level Nightelf when suddenly a large group of Horde poured out of the portal! I hadn’t been playing the game for long and I didn’t know I was safe unless I attacked first, so I ran for my life! One of the players at the front of the group was wearing a [Beaststalker's Cap] and I thought he was actually Rexxar! Amazed that such an important NPC would be leading a raid, I tried to sneak around to keep an eye on him. The raid didn’t seem to be organized properly, players were running all over the place and eventually fell apart. At the end of it, I was fishing with the guy I thought was Rexxar.

Old Alterac Valley image

It’s been years but I can still remember when AV could take hours to win (or lose), they took a very long time but it was worth it! These AV sessions didn’t feel like a battle but felt more like an actual war. You could pick up items, deliver them and spawn boss NPC’s to help turn the tide of battle. Instead of rushing to the opposed NPC leader you actually had to fight your hardest, you had to play like a team.

Arathi Basin

Getting a group of random people to cooperate is pretty tough if there is no leader. PvP is not really my cup of tea but whenever I played AB I tried to help coordinate. My favorite spot was the high ground and I would warn other locations on incoming (sneak) attacks. As a hunter I could easily look around the map using Eagle Eye, I would also send my pet to assist mid or farm when needed.

Blackrock Worg Run

Patch 1.7.0 provided hunters pet their own abilities, including the very useful Furious Howl (+damage to all nearby party member's next attack). This ability was wolf only so many hunter went out looking for one. Until patch 3.0.2 years later, hunters had to level their pets after taming, this was very bothersome when taming a pet far below your level. Usually a hunter would look for a pet near their own level but there were few level 60 wolves. As we wanted a fully leveled wolf as soon as possible for raiding purposes we were pretty much left with one option, the Lower Blackrock Spire worg. There are also level 60 Alterac Valley wolves available, I’m not sure if they were tamable back then. The LBRS worgs were a lot harder to get but our guilds hunters loved a challenge! The guide to get one solo is now obsolete and no longer available, I remember that getting one of these worgs involved skill, patients, invisibility potions and luck (Feign could fail). I ran the instance twice with guild mates, both successfully and had the best time!

Molten Core, Bad Pull image

One night we were running Molten Core with the guild, we had just defeated Garr and were getting ready to (pet) pull Baron Geddon. It was my turn to pet pull and after taking control of my cat I ran in search for the boss. As I came to the boss location I saw Shazzrah and pulled him… a few seconds later I heard one of the warlocks shout over Ventrilo “SHE PULLED BOTH!!!” (he had used his Eye of Kilrogg and was watching the action). To my shock I realized that I not only pull the wrong boss, I also pulled both at the same time! Needless to say we didn’t survive that encounter but the funny thing is, they weren’t even mad at me. I had managed to pull both bosses without trash-mobs, they thought it was amazing!


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