120x135 aria


She is a strong and passionate sword fighter that travels a medieval type world. It may well be a post-apocalyptic earth as some remnants of the old world can be encountered, although rarely (issue five). This world has magic, fairies and monsters but these elements are feeling the strain of encroaching human civilization.

120x135 battle chasers

Battle Chasers

Being a fan of RPG games I really enjoyed the knights and wizards theme. My favorite character was Red Monika and I’m glad we got to see quite a lot of her during the series. The comic series is unfinished which is a shame.



The series starts with a group of elves that are trying to save their tribe mate from being sacrificed by humans. The rescue is successful but the humans set fire to the forest and the  elves seek refuge with the trolls that live underground. This is the start of the elves quest to find a new home, others of their kind and to discover their origins.

120x135 gen13


This is a comic that has more than a couple of different artists (not all very good). I’ve collected issue 1 thru 24 at which point there were no more being sold in local kiosks. The story resembles X-Men and I really enjoyed it until they started diverting to much from the main story line, or perhaps the main story had ended without me even realizing it?



Nävis is a strong, athletic girl that is found stranded on a primitive world by aliens planning to terraform it. She is taken to an assembly of different alien species called Konvooi (Convoy). To earn her keep she is trained as an agent and send on different missions. She is very apt at being an agent and spy as humans seem to be one of very few species that don’t transmit their thoughts. As the only human she tries to be the best of her species but this often conflicts with her work as an agent.

120x135 requiem


Heinrich is a German soldier in WW2. He gets killed by a female resistance fighter he raped a moment before. Next thing he knows he finds himself in hell as a vampire. Hell is the opposite of earth, instead of getting older you become younger and those who committed the worst atrocities have the highest rank. What I really enjoy about this comic is the elaborate artwork.

120x135 sky doll

Sky Doll

In a futuristic universe there are two religions in conflict. Ludovica representing sexual love and Agape who represents spiritual love. Ludovica has managed to displace her sister and enthrall her followers using mass media and fake miracles. Noa is a female android that get caught up in the conflict but it seems she might be the key to Agape’s return.

120x135 storm


The story is about an astronaut called Storm that flies his spacecraft into the red spot of Jupiter and becomes lost in time. He manages to return to earth but this is not the same earth he left. He meets a girl called Redhair who becomes his companion throughout the series. Later they are transported to a crazy universe called Pandarve where they meet a red man called Nomad. They travel around in a bizarre world with monsters creatures and where the laws of physics hardly seem to apply.



This is a comic book series I’ve been a longtime fan of. The story of Thorgal takes place in the time and (mostly) world of the Vikings and their gods. Thorgal and his gifted family are desperately trying to find peace in a chaotic and often brutal world. Currently there are also two spinoffs running parallel to the main story, giving some important characters a chance to tell us their tale and for us to explore more of this fascinating world.

120x135 witchblade


I found the second episode by chance and I had never seen that style of drawing before. It intrigued me and after returning to the store several times I bought it and continued collecting the series and others of its kind. I’ve collected issue 2 thru 30 when I gave up on it as the story no longer interested me and the artwork went from bad to worse due to a multitude of different artists.

Online Comics

Open Two Guys and Guy Derelict Awkward Zombie Pain Train 120x135 explosm
Two Guys and Guy Derelict Awkward Zombie Pain Train Cyanide & Happiness
Vibe Fredo and Pidjin GU Comics Extra Fabulous For Lack of a Better Comic
Vibe Fredo and Pidjin GU Comics Extra Fabulous Lack of a Better Comic
PvP Online Oglaf Teh Gladiators Ctrl+Alt+Del Happle Tea
PvP Online Oglaf (NSFW) Teh Gladiators Ctrl+Alt+Del Happle Tea
Dark Legacy Looking for Group Buttersafe Go Get a Roomie! 120x135 lolnein
Dark Legacy Looking for Group Buttersafe Go Get a Roomie! Lolnein


The Witcher Books

The Witcher Books

In 2017 I was in possession of all three Witcher games but found out that there was also a book series that precedes them. As I love more backstory to my games I decided to read them first. They were really good and I’m hoping the games will do them justice (I have no doubt they will). The series is rather dark, especially when it comes to woman. It’s definitely not a ‘feel good’ story.

A Song of Ice and Fire

A Song of Ice and Fire

After watching the first three seasons of Game of Thrones and waiting for the fourth to come out, I decided I could not wait, I had to know what happened to my favorite characters! I’m not a fast reader but I managed to finish all current installments of the books before season five aired. I’ve actually not seen season four yet as I loved the books so much more, I even started to wonder if I should go back to watching the TV series at all... Now that the TV series has become a horribly twisted mockery of the books, I feel no need to watch anymore of it.

Neal Asher

Neal Asher - Agent Cormac Series

I pretty much stumbled onto this series by accident. Someone gave me a stack of random novels and one of them was the third episode of a five part series by Neal Asher. At the time I started reading I didn't know I had missed a big part (although there was some inkling) and that there was more to come. The story “Brass man” really caught my interest and after finishing it I quickly ordered the missing episodes including the prologue “Shadow of the Scorpion”. This is a very well written SFI series that I highly recommend, although I must admit I was slightly disappointed with its ending.

120x135 mtg

MTG Books

I’ve played Magic the Gathering for a few years and had bought the Box-sets for both Mirrodin and Kamigawa. These sets came with books that elaborate on the world, the story and the characters that the cards are based on. Both stories were very enjoyable, the only downside was the fact that the individual books were written by different writers.

120x135 terry pratchett

Terry Pratchett

I’ve read a number of these books and enjoyed the world, it’s characters and the writing style. You can read the books individually or in sequence and I can highly recommend them to anyone that enjoys a good fantasy book.
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