Stories & (movie) scripts

Stories & (movie) scripts

Once in a blue moon I’ll come up with a story and find time to write it down. Many stories are the result of dreams I’ve had, some I wrote down for friends.

If you are reading one of my stories and would like to use it for a movie, then please contact me beforehand so I can register your contact information, as perhaps more than one person would like to use the same story. It would also be great if you could keep me in the loop during production and after the movie is completed. Having my name somewhere in the credits would also be wonderful.

It was almost evening when sensei Sato and his young apprentice Ito entered the small village of Izu. After a long track through the mountains they were looking forward to a proper meal, bath and bedding. The mountain forest had been surprisingly good to them, providing both a diversity of food and shelter but nothing beats the comfort of a home cooked meal. The village was like any other they had passed through on their way to the sea. It was busy with children playing and people selling their wares. They walked past several market stands with the most delicious treats like smoked eel and honeyed bread but one cart in particular attracted the sensei's attention. On the other end of the market there stood a young woman selling silk fabrics from a small caravan. The sensei had seen many women of course and had in his youth courted more than his share but never had he seen such a special beauty. Her hair was long and knotted up in an intricate manner, kept together with long golden pins. She wore striking red lipstick and green makeup above the eyes that accentuated the fact that her eyes were green! Green eyes he thought, such a rare beauty indeed. All around her were girls and women giggling and fluttering about the cart like so many colourful butterflies. Obviously they had rarely seen such a fine selection of fabrics and were enthusiastically discussing their possibilities. Even with all the fuss and fluttering around her the young woman stood out like a rock in a storm swept sea. The tranquillity that radiated off her was felt by both master and apprentice. After a few minutes the young woman looked up at them and gave them a sweet smile, the sensei now realizing he had been staring at her for several minutes, felt his face turn red, gave a quick bow and spurred his young apprentice on towards the nearest tavern. After entering the tavern he exhaled and took a deep breath. He was surprised at the fact that he had been holding his breath ever since they had left the market. By that time his face had turned a deep red and a worried looking hostess approached them cautiously. “Are you alright” she asked, keeping her distance and glancing back at her husband. “Yes, yes, I'm sorry, we've had a long journey and I'm feeling a bit dizzy” the sensei smiled and gave her a polite bow to put her at ease. “Well then! Have a sit down and I'll bring you both some tea” the hostess quickly turned and scurried off to her husband behind the counter. They sat down and the sensei took another deep breath, what was it about that woman that had upset him so? He had not felt like this for a very long time, her gaze was so piercing and clear that it had awakened something he thought he had successfully suppressed ages ago. He was so deeply in thought that he had not noticed the hostess returning with their tea. The moment she put the cup down in front of him he almost jumped and knocked it from her hand. Luckily Ito grabbed his arm before it could connect with her. “I'm so sorry, miss. My master has been through a lot, he meant no disrespect. Please let me give you a hand.” Ito quickly took the remaining cup and kettle from the hostess. “Master what is the matter? You seem uneasy.” He said in a hushed voice so not to alarm the taverns owners any further. “I don't know, that, that woman at the market with the silk stand, I, know her somehow. I've seen her before and it disturbs me greatly.” As the evening progressed calm returned to the tavern. Both sensei and apprentice enjoyed a hot meal and sake but eventually the subject of the silk woman returned. “Hostess, if you please” Sato called out. The hostess, having seen their patron's coin, hastily shuffled over. “Is everything to your liking? Some more sake perhaps?” “I would like to ask you a question if I may?” Sato suddenly looked very serious. “We saw a silk stand at the market today. Has it been there for long?” “No, no, okyaku-sama (honoured guest), it has not been in this village long, perhaps only for a day. She sells pretty fabrics doesn't she? I was thinking of buying some myself for a beautiful furisode!” The hostess suddenly blushes, turns around and shuffles off again. Ito looked at his master “We should go back to the market tomorrow and talk to this girl! Something is going on and we should find out what it is!” His master stroking is long thin beard, a sure sign that he was deep in thought. “I don't know if we should, no harm has been done here and we are on a mission.” “But what about your reaction to her? There is something about that woman that has you rattled! I've never seen you like this! Should we not investigate further?” Ito gave him a pleading look but it was to no avail. “We will set out first thing in the morning, we will discuss it no further!” A drop of sweat rolled down the sensei's brow. Even though they had slept on the forest floor for weeks on end, their warm, dry beds gave them no comfort. Sleep eluded them and more than once they got up to check the now empty street through their window. As was requested of him by his master, Ito was dressed and ready at first sun rise, his master was waiting outside the tavern. He glanced out of the window towards the market place once more to see if he could spot the silk stand but it was not there. They set out towards the other side of town so not to pass the market place a second time. Something was wrong, there were far more guards at the village gate than is usual for such a small village. “Halt!” At their approach the guards pointed their spears at them. “I say, Halt!” Sato could tell that these guards were very nervous. An older guard, dressed partly in samurai gear stepped forward. “Who are you? What was your business in this village?” Sato looked him straight in the eyes and explained calmly that they were merely passing through. The samurai seemed to regard his answer as truth and requests the other guards to lower their weapons. “I consider myself a good judge of character and I wish you guddorakku (good luck) on your journey, you might need it.” Even though they received no explanation on why they were stopped, somehow they both felt they knew what had happened. The journey continued on in silence and cautious haste. There was a tension in the air that was felt not just by them but by the animals around them; no bird songs, no buzzing of insects, even the squirrels were tucked away in their tree top nests. After a few hours their pace had slowed down considerably and fatigue was lulling their senses. They started to relax and look around for a good place to setup camp for the night. At least food was not going to be a problem as the taverns hostess had been kind enough to supply them with food for the next two days. Then they heard it, it was very feint but the soft acoustics of a string instrument was unmistakable. It came from somewhere up ahead as the sound became louder the further they walked up the path. As they walked around a piece of mountain ridge they entered a clearing with a small lake and waterfall. The image would have been perfect, fit for a painting if it wasn't for the disturbing sight of the silk caravan parked near the lake. They stood there for a while, gathering their nerves and taking their bearings. 'What do we do now Sensei?' Ito looked at his masters grim face. “It seems we were destined to meet her again, let's face our fate with honor!” Sato's hand slowly slipped off the grip of his katana. The young woman was sitting on the grass next to the lake singing softly while playing her yamatogoto. She looked up and smiled as they approached her. '”Will you sit with me for a moment and rest your tired feet and weary heads?” She said in a soft voice that made their hearts skip a beat. “That is very kind of you miss, we would love to spend some time in the company of such a beautiful and clearly talented young lady.” Ito looked at his master in amazement; he had never heard him use such obvious charm. The young woman blushed and continued playing while singing softly. Their fears seemed to be washed away with the sound of yamatogoto and her sweet voice. Sato woke as he felt something crawling up his arm and only then realized the last rays of light were disappearing behind the mountains. He tried to move his hand up to his arm but something was holding it down. Slowly looking down he found his lower body was covered in what looked like fine threads of white silk. His senses returning, he quickly turned to see Ito almost covered from head to toe in the same white silk! A single word left his lips “Jorōgumo!” Looking around he found the young woman standing near the waterfall her long black hair hanging lose around her. She was facing away from them, slowly swaying from side to side. Memories suddenly flooded back to him, large, black, and so many legs! It had haunted his childhood and almost cost him his place as an aspiring samurai. But he had conquered his fear and promised himself that nothing would ever have that much power over him again! He struggled around trying to pull his arms free from the silk treads but they were extremely tough and sticky. Looking down again for something to cut him free, he winched as little black spiders were crawling all around them. The yamatogoto that was still lying close by seemed to have some sharp ornaments on it that might be used to cut his silken bonds. He cautiously crawled over to it so not to disturb the woman's trance and started cutting away the silk that bound his right arm. The ornaments were even sharper than he expected and within a few seconds his arm was free but as he reached for his katana a shadow loomed over him. He quickly turned to look straight into the burning green eyes of the silk woman. “I prefer my audience still.” She hissed. The katana was no more than a blur as he slashed at her but she was faster, leaping backward with impossible height and speed. Cutting himself free from the rest of the silk, he ran over to Ito. The silk woman seemed to hover above the grass, swaying gently in the breeze. Sato could just make out a huge black form below her sprouting eight hairy legs. “Jorōgumo! I fear you no longer” He shouted at the monstrosity! She gave a shrill laugh and launched at him. Sato grabbed Ito by the collar and pulled him towards the caravan. While trying to parry the huge spider legs with his katana he kicked Ito's unconscious body under the caravan. The huge spider legs stabbed at him with incredible speed and, try as he might, he was unable to make even the slightest cut. Laughing madly at his futile attempts to cut at her legs, she only paused to spit sticky strands of silk at him from her mouth. He tried to run around her so to attack her abdomen but she was able to keep up with him easily. After just a few minutes, the area was full of spider silk and it became harder to move around. This silk was even stickier then what they had been wrapped in earlier and he took extreme care to avoid them. He was quickly running out of options and out of breath. As Sato tried to flank her once more the Jorōgumo turn and got two legs caught in her own sticky silk. She screamed, lifted and pulled at the legs to free them, Sato saw his chance and dived under her huge body. His katana ripping a massive gash in the monsters abdomen and to Sato's horror thousands of little black spiders came crawling out! He quickly rolled away from her and watched as the Jorōgumo collapsed as she became covered by her brood. She screamed and twisted herself trying to wipe the little spiders off her but after a few minutes she stopped moving. Sato slowly walked forward and cut the woman's head off. “Always best to make sure!” He said quietly to himself. Ito gave a yawn as he woke to find Sato smiling down at him. The young apprentice had given him quite a scare when he had not awakened immediately after being freed from the silk. “What's going on?” Ito sat up and looked around the clearing. “Where is the silk woman?” “She already left.”' Sato said smiling at his confused apprentice. The clearing looked pretty much the way they found it the day before, the Jorōgumo's body had been completely devoured by her offspring, the silk had melted away at first light and even the caravan had mysteriously disappeared. “Perhaps we will meet her again, her voice was ever so sweet and that music.” Ito smiled to himself. Sato gave him a stern look “Young samurai like yourself should concentrate on their training!” Ito bowed his head and gave a disappointed, yes sensei. As they left the clearing to continue their journey to the sea, Sato could swear he heard the soft sound of a yamatogoto behind them.

The End

Scene 1

We are riding through a rundown neighborhood. The kind with boarded up houses, dead grass in the yard and drug dealers on every street corner. We come to a house that doesn’t look much better than anything else we’ve seen so far and the camera stops in front of it. The cop cars come into view, we hear car doors open/slam shut and there are police officers walking into view towards the house. We get a glimpse of the surrounding area, some folks are taking their kids inside, while others have come out to watch. At this point no one knows why this particular house is of interest. There are only 2 police cars and 4 officers (too few for let’s say “a drug bust”).
Officer 1: Alright, let’s see if anyone is home, it’s reported to be abandoned but you never know.
Officer 4: I’ll stay with the cars, don’t want to come back to them having cinderblocks for wheels.
Officer 1: “Looking around the neighborhood” good call.
3 officers now walk towards the house, the mailbox is completely full, we see a child’s bike in the yard, it’s broken. They get to the front door and start knocking. There are a number of papers taped to it.
Officer 1: Hello? Anyone home?
Officer 2: I’ll check round the back.
Behind them another car arrives, a man in a suit steps out and he is caring a briefcase. Things are starting to become clear that this is an eviction. Side note; I’m not sure how evictions in America are handled so this might be off and will need to be changed. One of the three cops has in the meanwhile circled the house and reports that all the windows are covered up.
Officer 1 to officer 2: Anything?
Officer 2: Nope, I couldn’t see anything, looks abandoned alright.
The man in the suit has walked up to the front door where the officers are standing on the porch.
Officer 1 to eviction guy: You’re late.
Eviction guy: Sorry about that “looking around the neighborhood” I prefer not to be the first one to arrive in an area like this, you understand.
Officer 1: “Nods”. Well no one seems to be home so I guess we’ll go in if you have the paperwork?
Eviction guy: Yah, yah, everything’s in order, you can go ahead and hands officer 1 the key. “He seems very nervous”.
Officer 1 tries the doorknob first and finds the door is open. They proceed to step into the house.
Officer 1 to eviction guy: You might want to wait outside.
Eviction guy: Fine, I’ll wait by the car until you guys are done.
They seem cautious, no words are spoken, there are just a few glances and the clip of their holsters are unfastened. One of the officers tries the light switch but there is no electricity. They grab their flashlights and scan around the place. It’s a mess but the house is far from empty.
Officer 1: They didn’t take a lot with them, even the TV is still here.
Officer 2: No one stole that thing? In a neighborhood like this? I’m having a bad feeling.
Officer 3: Pfff, Jesus… It really smells in here…
Officer 2: Shiieet.. Let’s hope it’s just food rotting in the fridge and not another animal left behind. Pisses me off when they leave their god damn pets to starve.
Officer 3: People are assholes.
Officer 1: SSHHhh! I thought I heard something.
The three officers proceed from the living room towards the dining room/kitchen. (I’m not familiar with the typical suburban house layout and how police officers usually proceed through a house in this situation) The smell is getting stronger towards the kitchen and there are flies everywhere. We are all the while shown the interior of a messy dark house, there is some light shining through the drapes and dirty windows. When they get closer to the kitchen we find it’s even darker in there then the rest of the house, you can just make out a large squire table with 7 figures sitting around it. The officers grab their guns slowly and point the flashlight towards the room.
Officer 1: God damn it.
Officer 2: Fuck me!
Officer 1: “Grabs his radio” Gary! Reporting a “insert appropriate code here” get us some backup, over. We get a brief view from outside were Gary was standing with the eviction guy next to one of the cop cars.
Officer 4 (Gary): “Grabs his own radio to respond” Seriously? Alright, reporting it in, over.
Eviction guy: What’s a “… code”?
Officer 4 (Gary): They found a body.
Eviction guy: “looks towards the house while officer 4 sits himself in the car and reports the code to central”
We are back inside the house now, inside the kitchen area.
Officer 3: Removes dirty drapes from the windows and the kitchen lights up a little more (windows are dirty to). (Or unless removing the drapes would be against protocol, they shine their flashlights around the room).
We get a shot from the whole kitchen with the officers standing around the table, then individual shots of the occupants around the table. Some are bend over, some have their head back. It’s a gruesome scene with dried up, bloated, oozing flesh and faces crawling with maggots. The officers are covering their nose and mouth because of the obvious smell.
Officer 3 opens the fridge.
Officer 3: Well you were right about the fridge, this food is rotting badly.
Officer 2: Ha, ha (sarcastic laugh), let’s get the hell out of here, I need some fresh air.
Officer 1: Move out, we’ll wait for backup outside.
They leave and the camera centers on the scene from the doorway. There is one figure sitting at the head of the table. It’s smaller than the rest, bend over with long black hair covering much of both face and arms. As we hear the officers leave in the background (talking, gagging, door closes) it becomes quiet. The figure at the head of the table lifts it’s head, it’s a young girl, about 12 years old. She looks blankly at the camera, then smiles. (You could also film her from the back, where she lifts her head and looks over her shoulder at the camera instead.)

Scene 2

We see the same house again but it’s looking better than it did before. A moving truck just arrived and people are apparently moving in (yes it’s the moving into a haunted house cliché). The family is a *insert wheel of fortune here, what kind of family will it be? Typical white, Sassy Black, out of place Asian or no nonsense Hispanic? Ding, ding, ding… it’s a Hispanic family!* The family consists of a typical Hispanic mom, dad, two boys (one about 20 and the other maybe 9?) and one teenage girl. They seem to fit in well as they are not the only Hispanic family in the neighborhood. They are not acting all happy, this family has fallen onto hard times and they had to move to this shitty neighborhood because there was nowhere else to go. We get glimpses of their lives while they have lived there for about a week. Moms cooking, dad barbecues, the 20 year old starts hanging with thugs, the 9 year old plays videogames and the teenage girl is being slutty. Then one afternoon while everyone is home (it’s probably weekend), the doorbell rings. The 20 year old opens up and there is a young girl standing at the door.
20 year old: Looks down, Yeh?
Young girl: Says nothing, looks up.
20 year old: well?
Young girl: Says nothing, still looking at him.
20 year old: “Slams door closed”
The doorbell rings again and it sounds pretty urgent. The 20 year old walks away towards the stairs.
Dad: What was that?
20 year old: Some white girl, I don’t know.
Dad: Well what did she want?
20 year old: Go find out for yourself! I’m not your…. (not sure yet what he should be saying).
The dad grudgingly puts his beer down and gets out of his chair, pulls his shirt down over his belly and walks over to the door. The doorbell is still going. He opens it and looks at the young girl standing on the porch.
Dad: Yes? Can I help you?
The young girl just stares at him for a moment, then proceeds to walk past him into the house. She looks around while walking towards the kitchen. Dad shouts in Spanish to mom who is somewhere else in the house to come over and help deal with the situation. (subtitles maybe required throughout some of this movie) She shouts back in Spanish that she is busy. He closes the front door and proceeds to follow the girl. The young girl has stopped in front of the kitchen and looks in with great interest. The kitchen looks completely different then it had before (brighter and nicer, the table has been replaced with a bar or counter top).
Dad: What? You hungry or something?
The young girl looks around at him.
Young girl: Where is my family?
Dad: What family? We live here now… you lost or something?
The young girl turns back to the kitchen for a moment then looks at the dad again.
Young girl: Are you my new family?
Dad: Shiieeettt (with an awkward smile)
The dad takes a step back, turns and shouts to his wife again in Spanish.
Dad to wife in Spanish: Hey “Insert wife’s name” there’s a little white girl here that wants us to be her new family!
Wife in Spanish: Yeh? That’s all we need! Another mouth to feed! Just call the cops to come pick her little white ass up!
Dad: “While turning back to the little girl” Sorry kid, we already have three…
He finds the girl is gone.
Dad: What the.. where did you go? (or where’d she go?)
The wife is walking into the scene, she has probably gotten curious about what’s happening.
Wife in Spanish: Well where is she?
Dad in Spanish: I don’t know… she was here a minute ago.
They start looking around and eventually the whole family gets involved but they can’t find her. Strange thing is, no one heard the front door open and the 9 year old son playing in the backyard didn’t see her leave either. So did the girl leave? The teenage daughter says it’s too creepy, that there is no way she isn’t staying and will sleep at a friend’s, the 20 year old son says he’s out too. This leaves the dad, mom and 9 year old son. That night the dad puts his handgun under his pillow and the 9 year old sleeps with a baseball bat. Nothing happens that night or the following week and the family returns to its normal routine. (sorry that the last bit doesn’t have a whole lot of detail and conversation).

Scene 3

I’m not sure yet how I’m going to continue the story but perhaps it will be along these lines: The family that died was a happy one but as they were a family of 7 and had their problem (mostly financial). The house was going to be sold by the bank but the family was refusing to leave. The eviction guy you see in the beginning of the movie was assigned to them by the bank and the family drove him absolutely crazy. Every time he almost had them out they would find a way to stay for another month. It became an obsession to get them out of the house. He began stalking the family, killing their pets, sabotaging the electricity, until finally he snapped and killed them (poison). The girl saw a lot of it happen (from her tree house) but no one believed her. After the girl shows up at their house, the new family digs into the past and finds enough evidence to have the eviction guy put away after which the strange girl disappears (or does she?).

Throughout the movie the little girl will be a guide to solve the mystery of the dead family that lived there before. Up until the end you can’t be sure if she turns out to be a victim or the cause, if she is real or a ghost. The new family is torn between finding out what happened, trying to live their own lives and the absurdity of what is happening to them.

The movie will have dry humor, references to other (horror) movies, will hook into current financial events in America, realistic reactions by relatable characters and although some elements will have the feel of being supernatural it’s all in the realm of possibility.

Here is the strange and disturbingly real dream I once had. I’ve numbered some of the things in my story, you can read their commentary below.

I was in a hospital watching an experiment unfurl. I wasn’t a doctor but perhaps I was an inspector of some sort. There was a female scientist walking around with a big jar filled with blue liquid and it had what looked like white dough balls (1) in it. She places the jar in a machine and I can see she has tried this before as there are many jars lying around (they are empty and broken).

For some reason my dream jumped to a different part of the story here:
I’m a body guard of the president and I’m following him to a press conference at probably the same hospital. He’s in an army jeep riding in front of us to the location. He looks really funny as it almost looks like he’s a doll as he’s being bumped around in the jeep. I comment on it to a soldier just in front of me and he looks at me a bit angry. We arrive at the scene of where the speech will be held and its Bush wearing a long black haired wig… I remember him saying he thought it would be funny. He had brought Samuel L Jackson with him who was wearing the same wig and sitting almost next to me on my right. Samuel is talking about the new movie he’s about to do which is Aliens 3. I tell them to be quite because the president is trying to do his speech and I can’t hear it over all the babble. When Samuel doesn’t shut up I tell him I already saw Aliens three and he seems delighted. Then a black woman from the audience asked the president to take off the wig because she feels its offensive. Samuel says it was a bad idea and takes of his wig. Bush does so as well but then another woman sitting across from me says that she doesn’t find it offensive and starts stroking the long black hair that’s hanging over her left shoulder (this woman is black as well). (2)

Ok jumping back to the scientist story:
The experiment, whatever it was, went wrong and there are hurt people everywhere. Most of them seem to be scientists as they are all wearing white lab coots. As we look down the hall next to the machine where she had placed the jar with dough in it, there is now a white spiky haired child standing in between two doctors (he’s about 15 I think). This child is not normal as his eyes are almost completely black. The wounded are being moved to a room close by and I follow them. Then the boy comes in and he has not only the female scientist with him but also three or four more doctors. He orders them to kill everyone and with scalpels in hand they quickly go to work. The wounded scientists and the nurses that were trying to help them, are slashed to death. They slash at me as well and I fall back against the wall. The cut must have been deep enough to look real but not to kill me right away. While sinking in and out of consciousness, I see people in white killing each other. Sometimes they come over to me as I guess they can still see me moving but just before they try to finish me off something else catches their eye, like someone running or screaming. There are lamps and things falling on me and at one point, even though I’m trying to be as quiet and as still as possible I fear that I might be electrocuted by a lamp as it tumbles and smashes on top of my legs. Finally I get up and run out. Running to the hospital, I try and warn people, but I find I’m too late. Not sure if it’s the sight of the blood on my neck that set them off (maybe they think I’m infected), but anyone who I try to talk to grabs something lying nearby and tries to stab me with it. Some use pens, some plastic spoons, it doesn’t take long for more nurses to show up. I start screaming at them to keep those doctors away from me! They don’t seem to understand, they think I’ve gone crazy and try to restrain me. I manage to pull myself free and the nurses chase after me. I hide in an office but I can’t close it off. I’m trying to keep the door closed with all my might while these infected people (3) are trying to open it. Looking around for a key and trying to close it with anything I can get my hands on I spot an open window. Jumping through it I luckily land on a roof just below and start running and jumping over the roof tops. Then I come to a dead end. Its either jumping down on a grassy field or in a pond. I hear something behind me. A blond nurse tries to stab me with a scalpel and using her own momentum I fling her off the roof into the pond below. Taking another look I see she just mist hitting a pontoon and in my head I tell her she was lucky. Climbing down and running across to the grassy field I spot someone I know. He’s an intern and he’s running towards the hospital. I’m getting the feeling he knows what’s going on but I tell him to watch out for people that may want to kill him anyway. Then I meet up with a guy that kind of looks like he wants to be Indiana Jones… and we are attacked yet again. This time by four puppies (4)! I’m sorry to say but we kill them. Then the owner shows up. He looks like a trucker. He doesn’t seem upset about his dogs, maybe he was attacked as well but when he sees me he goes nuts! He grabs me by my throat with his big hands and tries to choke me! We fall backwards, the Indiana Jones guy tries to pull him off me and the trucker releases his grip. I scramble on my knees and take one of the necklaces the trucker has on and choke him with (5). He dies I think and then I wake up…
I didn’t wake up screaming but I did feel very sore around my neck, it took a lot of twisting and turning to make it feel better. Maybe I was lying in an awkward position while sleeping.

(1) The dough balls could be DNA from a child she recently lost and is trying to “resurrect” by using some kind of inter-dimensional portal device thingy.
(2) Yes, I know it's hard to believe but this is how that part of the dream went… I know, the whole thing just doesn’t make sense! I dreams weird stuff like this all the time.
(3) Not zombies but similar, like mind control.
(4) Well not so much puppies as just young dogs, they were brown and very hairy.
(5) probably the most logical course of action as my hands are small and his neck was rather fat.
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